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Front-Office and Back-Office

Like modern applications ZB has two portals in the same product. This allows you and your client to access to the same Billing Portal, obviously with different permissions.


Front-Office is for your clients management their personal information, billing, services and support ticket.


Back-Office is for you and your staff, work with Client Services, Billing and Support Ticket.

Billing & Invoicing

From management billing cycle of a product to customize an invoice, all is possible with our software.


Create products with different billing cycles. Associate billing cycle ( every 'X' days or every 'Y' months) to a customer.


Notify your customers when 'X' days over pass the end of the billing cycle. Notify by email with Invoice PDF attachment.

Payment GateWays

More than 6 different and most popular 3º Party Payment GateWays. ZB also allows you to create your custom payment gateway, please check our API.

Express CheckOut

Most popular way to pay. Payment page is hosted by third-party Payment Portal.

Direct Credit Card

Your customers can pay direct using Credit Cards. ZB saves the card in a security system and use it future invoices.

3º Party Integrations

Hosting Panels and Registrar Services. Not enough? ZB is working in more!

Hosting Panels

Connect to most popular Hosting Panels on Market.

Registrar Services

Connect to most Popular Registrar Services on Market.

Ticket System

Your customers can have some problems, actually, they always have... So why don´t use Support Ticket in the same product?


Customers use front-office to submit new Tickets and Reply to open ones.


You or your staff can reply to customers questions directly using the portal. No extra software required.


Connect your existing software and apps with Z-Billing throw our REST API.


With REST (Web API) you can list, create, edit and delete Clients and Services. You can use your expertise in PHP, .NET, JAVA, etc.


Plugins are Events that run when a record is created, updated or deleted (Just for .NET developers).

Other Features

You have a lot of other cool features that it is impossible to enumerate all.

  • Custom Chart DashBoard
  • Advance Role System
  • +9 Different Languages
  • +3 Price Tables and +9 Front Office Themes
  • Custom fields
  • Data Auditing
  • Tablets and Smartphones optimized
  • "New Order" form can be embedded in iframe on your website
  • Create your own Payment GateWay
  • Knowable Base System
  • Custom Email Templates using Razor (C#)
  • And much more...

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